Announcing a New Literary Journal: History of Poetry in Baltimore / 1945 to the present

From Jackie Oldham: On January 12, 2019, I joined forces with Baltimore writer Rafael Alvarez and his partner in crime — Tyrone Crawley; founders of the Story Company in the late 1980s, to launch a new, on-line literary journal.

The first post, of our inaugural meeting at G&A Coney Island hot dogs, was published on January 13 [] by Rafael.

We encourage you to click on the above link to view, like, and comment on it—we need outside proof that we exist. For now, the sharing option will take you to the Facebook page Baltimoreblackwoman. This sharing option will be updated as soon as possible.

All nail-biting aside, I am excited to announce the launch of History of Poetry in Baltimore / 1945 to the present.

This site will explore the wide-ranging and still evolving poetry scene in Baltimore, and our newly discovered, shared experiences with this history.

Your humble co-founder and Braciole web-master,

Jackie Oldham



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